Book Reviews

Books are a great way to get lost in the study of stories which is why I love reading. It alleviates me from the unrelenting inner dialogue between my brain and my mind. I have written reviews for the latest literature in my lap. I discuss plot, characters, writing style, overall aesthetic or really whatever else I want because this is my website.

Yeah, I judge books by their cover. Sue me. You’ll lose.

Warning: Reviews definitely contain spoilers, so read at your own discretion.

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Little Fires Everywhere

I also read this book way too fast, but I couldn’t help it. It was so good. This book isn’t a thriller per se, but the story is still deeply captivating. I felt as if I knew each character and could see them so clearly in my mind. Celeste has a unique writing style that is different from what I usually read, which I enjoyed. The book also posed an interesting ethical question. Does a child belong with its mother or the people who will truly take better care of it? This was written so well that I couldn’t pick a side to support. You also get the perspective of many different mothers in this story; the mom who has it all, the mom who got an abortion, the mom who gave up her baby, the mom who got her baby stolen, the mom who stole her own baby, and the mom who was a mom to the motherless. This book talks about the urban-suburban life and how you can never truly plan anything.

Truly Madly Guilty

This is one of my all-time favorite books just because of how amazingly it was written. Liane Moriarty is my favorite author and I think you will be able to see that down below. My favorite thing about her writing style is that she tells the story through the perspective of 3 different people, whose lives are all somehow intertwined. My only complaint about this book is that I didn’t understand what everyone was complaining about. The book starts out with everyone alluding to “what happened at the Barbecue”. The story built it up so much, that once it was revealed what had actually happened I missed it and had to go back. I personally don’t think the situation should have wreaked the havoc it did, but what do I know? Even though I was let down at the end, everything leading up to the “incident” was well crafted. This was her best-written piece yet.

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Sharp Objects

First off, let me say what the heck. The mom in here is a stone cold monster, and the sister is a 13-year-old maniac, she is straight up crazy. No wonder Camille has some issues. Camille enjoys a daily drink or fifteen while also has a past of cutting words into her skin. She’s had it rough. To make it worse she gets chosen to report on the killings that have taken place in her hometown. Oh, and guess who was the killer? Her 13-year-old sister Ama. The best part is that Ama pulls her victim's teeth to use as flooring in her dollhouse. But it gets even more jubilant when it is unveiled that mom murdered her other sister like 20 years ago. I feel so bad for Camille. But I am proud of her for not being a piece of trash like mother dearest and psycho sister.