Hi, I’m Grace.

I was flung out of a speedboat at the unfortunate age of four, thus launching me into my advertising career as well as a dirty lake.

Feeling drenched and betrayed by the subpar driving skills of my grandfather, my spirit of determination was born. For 15 years thereafter I did not so much as dip a toe into any body of water. This irrational fear of all things aquatic was tough considering I was being brought up in a family of lake rats, but I was hell-bent on staying dry.  

Unfortunately, most of my childhood summers were spent at the lake, but not in it. Because I am a gal devoted to her principles, I was left with a lot of alone time in the cabin while my so-called family splashed in the enemy. Determined to not let them have a better time than me, my imagination began to sprout. I played with pencils in place of barbies who were enjoying a well deserved mental health day at home, developed various one-woman indoor sports followed by tear-jerking medal ceremonies, and dreamt up stories of a family whose father fed them nothing but banana chips.

As my imagination continued to grow, the more accidents I found myself in because of it. My ring finger was warped in a car window because, in my mind, I was swinging off an erupting volcano. My pinky permanently resembles a bendy straw after pretending to be a hungry-hungry hippo while diving to catch a softball. My daydreams were becoming more frequent and more addictive. I realized that I needed to channel all of this creative energy into something or else my hand would soon bear the likeness of a fork that has danced with the garbage disposal.

I was drawn to advertising as soon as I got to college because it was a world where I could let my imagination run rampant. I was determined to use my crinkled and crooked fingers to my advantage, thus beginning my journey of becoming a copywriter. To practice this craft I enlisted a thesaurus as my sidekick and formed strong opinions regarding pens and type fonts. I keep myself well fed by devouring the biggest and juiciest books I can get my hands on, often finding my mind immersed in new adventures, inspiring my own personal thinking and writing techniques. To work off the following self-inflicted book coma, journal pages are filled until my whole hand curls in exhaustion. Although my fingers never fully straightened out, I made sure my writing did as I made my way through the Texas Creative Advertising Program at the University of Texas.  

But because a writer’s job is never done, I will be working to improve my lines until my hands fall off. Little did I know that the boat that threw me off was really the thing that would set me on my path of higher creativity.